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Question, a Sasuke lemon.

Name: Hikari Aino
Age: 16
Looks: stands at five foot five, smooth fair complexion,
Personality: sweet, innocent, shy, and caring.
Village: Leaf
Rank: missing ninja
Family/history: family was killed off by Sound ninja at age eight.
Main weapon/ abilities: katana, is well rounded in all form off jutsus but specailizes in healing
Likes/ dislikes: likes reading, helping others, watching the night; dislikes fan boys and girls and perverts
Friends: Tenten, Hinata, and Sasuke
Ememies: Sakura and Ino


you panted heavily, glaring at the smug Sakura before you. up until recently you had always been training with Hinata or Tenten, strengthening your weaker skill of ninjutsu, but as of a week ago both teams had been sent out on missions and you were told to work with Kakashi's team until their return. she smirked and began a charge, building up chakkra in both hands. smiling back you resorted to Dancing Fang, your favorite katana given to you by your mother shortly be for her death. taking your time you broke the skin of all five fingers on your left hand by running it along the edge.

"Blood Strike! Light of the Moon!" the smoky steel sparked and began to glow an eerie silver. Sakura gasped and tried to stop but was too slow. You remained silent and calm as you swung the blade down sharply, sending the arcing light straight for the fangirl. she screamed as the silver cresent enveloped her. you smiled and waited for the smoke to clear. it wasn't a killing blow or even a moderatly dangerous one, it simply drained most of her chakkra while inflicting damageless pain. she fell to she ground, exhausted and unable to move. you thrust the katana high into the air, claiming your victory before returning it to it's home. just then you heard a tentive voice sound from behind.

"H-hiraki?" you turned to see Hinata, unscathed, standing before you next to Tenten. they smiled and waved. you grinned happily and cried out in happiness as you ran to hug them. you all laughed and started talking about the missions and the village when Naruto came calling.

"Hey guys, i was just wondering if any of you wanted to come my party. i'm throwing it for every one, it should be a nice break from all this training we have been doing." you all agreed and watched him leave.

//two hours later\\

it was six thirty and you, Hinata, and Tenten were still picking out outfits. Hinata finally decided on a medium length red dress with white accents while Tenten went with classic black and white. But you, you pulled out a soft creamy white silk strapless dress with black designs and your necklace. once you were ready, you all departed at the given address. loud up beat music could be heard outside of Sasuke's house, giving you a sense of excitement as you approached. Naruto opened the door as you got within knocking distance and waved you in. he weaved his way through the crowd and stood up on a table, earning a glare from Sasuke, and motioned for Kiba to turn down the music. a hush settled over the slightly intoxicated group.

"now that the last of the invited have arrived, lets play!" every one cheered save you and your friends. He came up to you and told you to follow.

"Naruto what are we playing?"

"60 minutes in heaven, spin the bottle style." You casted a worried glance at Tenten and Hinata. they, mostly Tenten who played when Neji did, often told you what could happen in games such as this. any one who was participating, which was everyone, sat in a circle while Naruto downed a bottle of some sort of drink. Naruto stood next to the bottle and started a count down. the moment he said one he spun the bottle hard and sat down quickly between Choji and Shino. you watched as it spun around and around at a dizzying rate until it slowed to a stop pointing at you. you blushed and did as Tenten had told you seconds ago. it swung around lazily nearly stopping on Ino. you prayed silently for it to keep moving. tensions rose as the it sluggishly inched over a few more centimeters before halting at Sasuke's irritated form. his body relaxed as he released a sigh of relief and stood. Naruto grinned and you looked at Tenten. she leaned over and whispered in your ear.

"You have to get up and kiss him and then go into any room with him for an hour." you blushed crimson. the entire time you had lived in the Leaf, you had only ever been friends with the raven haired boy even though you felt so much more. you could see past his looks and emotionless attitude and tell what he truel felt. Tenten nudged you, snapping you out of the train of thought you had pursued. swallowing hard you walked up to him slowly hesistating as he closed in. His soft warm lips met yours gently, yours and his forming perfectly. every one catcalled and told you to get a room. Sasuke broke the kiss almost reluctantly, taking your hand in his and dragging you down the hall to what you assumed to be his room. He turned and shut the door, locking it and jamming the handle. You sat on the bed, nervous and slightly afraid. he looked at you and sighed, inner conflict masking his face as he fought to decide on his next move.


"yes?" your voice wavered a little.

"Hikari, do, can you aid me in the restoration of my clan?" he asked swiftly, nearly tripping over his own words.

"Sasuke....." he cut you off.

"look i know that you have been only my friend for years, but that's gets me. you are the only girl i know that doesn't try to be my girlfriend because of my looks or power. can you at least think about it?" you looked down and stood smiling softly, this was so unlike him, insecure and exposed. you looked up and closed the gap between you, holding his well muscled body close to yours. his face softened and he returned the embrace. looking up you simply whispered yes and captured his lips with yours. he hesisitated but responded all the same, deepening the passionated kiss. without breaking the connection, he backed you up onto the bed, neatly coraling you in his arms. Sasuke broke the kiss and began working on your neck, nipping slightly in some areas. you moaned as he found a particularly tender spot and he smirked. you squirmed beneath him as he bit down, breaking the skin and lapping up the blood. he worried the now extremly sensitive area, making you moan louder. once he was satisfied with the love mark he returned to your lips. kissing you fiercly, he snaked his tongue a ways across your bottom lip. you opened immediatly, allowing him access and dominance. he backed off for a few seconds to remove his shirt and your dress, tossing both off to the side. his eyes came to rest on your bare chest, bare because the dress was too tight to allow for any thing other than skin around the chest. you blushed and moved to cover yourself but was stopped by his comforting hands.

"stop that, if you are to carry my children, you will have to get past being indecient before me." he pinned your hands above your head with one hand and trailed the other down your side. you shivered from the sweet heated waves of desire and suddenly wanted nothing more to please him. flipping postions you kissed him softly on his lips, pulling away before he could do more and began a burning trail of tender kisses down his chest, touching lightly here and there. he moaned softly, barily louder than a whisper, but you heard it all the same. smirking, you undid his pants and pulled them off leaving you to play with the large tent that had begun to form. you reversed your direction, but lightly touched his manhood. his body jerked at that small connection and he supressed a moan. you frowned and sqeezed his cock harder. he squirmed and moaned louder, making you aroused even more. you smiled and removed his boxers, staring for a brief moment at the sheer size of him. he growled impatiently and switched positions once more, grinding hard into your hips. you moaned and dug your nails into his back. he finally had it and tore off the white lacy underwear before slamming into you hard. you bit down into his shoulder in an attempt to muffle your cry of pain. he froze and looked at you.

"Hikari, are you still....." you let go and simply nodded. he moved to exit you but you wrapped your legs around his waist and gave him a look to continue so that you could get past the pain. he captured ypur lips again a fierce kiss, distracting you from the pain while he rocked gently back and forth. eventually, after a few minutes of pain and silent tears, you moaned into the kiss, letting him pick up him pace. he continued on carefully, trying to avoid moving too fast and bring back the pain, but he couldn't keep his reserve long. within minutes he was slamming into your heat core. practically yeeling your name to the heavens.

"Hikari, your so tight." you moaned his name and encouraged him to go faster, deeper. shifting slightly he increased the pleasurable sensation that vibrated every fiber of your being by hitting a sweet bundle of nerves deep within you. you locked lips once more in an attempt to hide what was happening. all too quickly that tight coil of pleasure snapped, sending waves upon waves of pleasure crashing through your body, over powering every sense and thought. he picked up his pace to a spasmadic inhuman speed, thrusting deep into you as he pumped every ounce of his lust inside, filling you with is love. he continued for awhile longer savoring the feel of the off hand spasms before pulling out and collasping next to you, satisfied and panting.

"do you think we....... did it?"


"do you think you're pregnant?" you shrugged and snuggled into his chest.

"we will have to see in the morning." you fell asleep in his arms, dreams over taking you as the night wore on.

//the next morning\\

you woke suddenly, an odd repulsive feeling stiring you from pleasent dreams. the gagging feeling can again forcing you to flee the warmth and comfort of the bed for the cold wood floors of the bathroom. whatever you had eatten the night before came up at one time. you coughed and hugged the toilet. Sasuke came in worried but drowsy.

"Hikari, what's wrong you just left suddenly and......."

"Sasuke, i think your toilet is my new best friend. do you have any.......'

"no but i'm going to go get some." he left, practically breaking the door in his need to get to the store. once he returned you took the test and it came out positive. in nine months you had given birth to a boy and a girl, Kyohaku and Mizu.

//the end\\

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