Friday, June 4, 2010

Sweet surprise, a Neji lemon

Name- Miyu
Looks- light red eyes, long curly dark brown hair that ends at the base of her butt, curvy hour glass figure, generously gifted in her assets.
Wears- a very short black kimono with red silky tie up lace that has small bells on the ends, red knee high stockings, black high heels, and one small cross pendant necklace.
Age- 18
Family- deceased
History- all but her mother died when her family helped seal the nine tailed fox away, but her mother later died trying to stop Itachi from killing the Uchiha clan. sh began training at the age of six due her ability to learn quickly, is highly intelligent, and has advance knowledge of water/wind jutsus, because of this she was handed over to the ANBU for futher discipline
Rank- ANBU, worked with Yamato until he was assigned to team 7
Personality- quiet, slightly timid, loyal, doesn't like showing emotion in front of others, kind, hard working and protective of those close to her heart.
Likes/ Dislikes- Neji, ice cream, good book, and relaxing by the lake. doesn't like loud people(Naruto), failing missions, and showing her emotions in public.


you sighed and let your muscles relax further as you listened peacfully to the sounds around you. the lake, one that many knew of, was your favorite place to think and relax when others were away on missions. smiling softly, you watched a small butterfly land on your book. it was an oddly colored one, purple and blue with yellow here and there. perhaps Shino knew what it was called. you shrugged it off and watched as it fluttered away. With the distraction gone, you returned your light red gaze back to the prestine lake. it was so clear, but resembled a mirror at the same time. just as you were beinging to lose yourself in a deep train of thought, the sound of swift footfall caused you to tense. You turned just in time to avoid being trampled by one of the few people who managed to annoy you. put on a blank mask and sighed as you caught him by the back of his jacket, stopping him from falling in. He smiled, embarassed.

"Sorry Miyu." you waved it off and tried to resume a peaceful composure. he laughed and ran off to where ever he was headed. a soft snap sounded from the direction Naruto had run off in. A small imperceptible frown played at the corners of your mouth.

"What is it Naruto?" you sighed and sat up, rubbing the back of your neck. to your surprise it was Neji. he stared blankly, his flat grey eyes betraying no emotion at held back a blush and looked away. he came over and sat down next to you, flickers of battling emotions appearing every now and then. you held back a look of concern and turned to face him.

"what is it Neji, is something wrong?" he sighed and looked at the lake, seeming as though he was unsure of what to do next.

"Miyu, do you want to go get some ice cream with me?" he whispered softly. caught off guard, all you could do was nod and follow him to your favorite ice cream shop. you ate in silence, still trying to figure Neji out.he had always been a great friend and sometimes you wanted more than that, but he seemed only interested with his destinyand fate, that and training. you watched him out of the corner of your eye, he seemed to be fighting some emotion, weither it was from keeping a straight face or stopping him from doing something, you couldn't tell. after you had finished, you parted, leaving the awkard scene behind. the next day he found you again, this time he wanted to train with you. you nodded and accepted his offer. you held back though until he landed a harsh blow. you could see he was worried, it was written all over his face as you went down, but just because you were sparring didn't mean he should get distracted. you caught yourself and used the copy cat technique you had worked so hard to achieve with no special jutsus or family inheritance to help you and struck back with the ninjutsu he had just used. he grunted and collided with a young tree, breaking through it before using the next as a place to push himself back into the fight. you sparred for hours, testing him, pushing him to use his more deadly techniques. finally you got bored and decided to use and attack you had just mastered. Neji watched with surprise with his byakugan as thousands of flowers made of water began to rain down around him. he winced when one brushed his arm, leaving a trail of blood in it wake. he dodged and used the 360 degree attack and obliterated a vast majority, but you just made more, intersted in he course of action. he couldn't possibly have enough energy left for another defensive manuver like that, but he could be holding back as you had done.he pivioted and twisted, carefully extracting himself out of the situation only to narrowly dodge rope of water you whipped at him. another flower came down across his leg, leaving another cut for him to contend with. you sighed and cut off the jutsu as he fell to the ground. even you felt like collasping, but what would be the point? you helped him up and led him to your home just before he fell out of it completely. you smiled and pulled him inside to your bedroom. it didn't take long to heal him, the cuts didn't even need stitching and more bandages probably wouldn't bother him. you sighed and smiled softly, letting Neji sleep peacefully on your cheast. he stirred slightly muttering something and falling back to sleep. yawning, you decided that you could do with a nap as well.
you frowned in confusion as you stirred from your slumber. something was wrong, what happen to the weight of Neji sleeping on you go? you opened your eyes groggily and bit back a yelp of surprise. Neji, instead of sleeping, was straddling your waist while his face was just inches from yours.

"N-Neji? what are you doing?" he gave you a small smirk and kissed you on the lips softly. for the first time in your life you couldn't hide your emotions as a light blush spread across your cheeks. he pulled away, an unspoken question in his grey eyes. your mind was numb, did he just kiss you, Neji, the one you had secret feelings for and who never seeme interested in you before? disappointment seeped into his features as you remained unresponsive. suddenly, out of impluse you leaned in, mimicking him. he took on a new expression, one you couldn't define, and deepened the kiss, one hand traveling lightly up and down your side. you shivered from his slight touches, oddly wanting more. incontent with the position you switched places, pulling him up into a sitting position while you rested in his lap. you pulled out the small band that held his hair back while he toyed with your own brunette locks. he slid a hand down to the base of your kimono, caressing the bare skin before moving up to what held it close. he tugged and toyed with the bell tipped laces before removing it completely. he paused to admire your curves even though they barely remained caged by a black lacey bra. you took over, landing a passionate kiss while toying with the waist line of his pants. his tongue raked across your bottem lip, but you refused access, wanting to play. he growled and squeezed your left breast, making you gasp in surprise. he slid his tongue in while the chance remained and started a fierce battle for dominance, one that he won. you retreated back and allowed him to explore, his tongue gently massaging and caressing yours. you moaned into the kiss and brought yourself closer to his body. you pushed him down into a laying position with breaking the kiss and traversed the body you had become so familiar with. he moaned softly, not out of pleasure, but something else. you brought a hand to his groin, quickly figuring out why he was in growing pain, emphasis on growing. you smirked and freed him, pulling off his pants in the process. you brushed his manhood gently, knowing it would drive him nuts. he groaned and flipped positions, grinding into your panty covered womanhood hard. you moaned loudly, loving the sick friction. a low throbbing started to build in the pit of your stomach as you got hot and wet. he captured your lips again, briefly, before begining a trail of burning kisses. he paused at your breast and tore off the bra and took the left in his mouth. you moaned louder as the hot piece of wet flesh flicked and circled the hardening nipple, arousing you further. the hand that wasn't playing with the band of your undies slowly moved up to your exposed right breast, massaging and squeezing lightly. you arched your back out of pleasure. he switched to the right, giving it the same treatment as the left. finally, you could take no more and reversed positions. you kissed him tenderly and let your hands fall to his clothed manhood. you pulled away the last piece of clothing and took him in your hands. grasping his shaft gently, his hip backed and his fingers twitched. you pulled up from the base, tightening your grip slightly before coming back down equally slow. he moan your name softly and clutched the sheets beneath him, gritting his teeth out of the sheer torture you caused. you smiled and lower your lips to his tip, licking it once before taking the entirety in your mouth. he groaned and writhed beneath you. you sucked softly, just enough to keep him on the edge but not to make him release.

"Miyu....... please......." he groaned softly, barely louder than a whisper. you obliged him and sucked harder, bobbing your head slightly as you attempted to deep thoat him. just as you though he had enough, you pulled away and kissed him heatedly. he flipped you over and tore away the last shred of clothing you had on. he positioned himself and gave you a slilent look of question. you nodded, wincing as he slammed into you. it hurt, but you ignored it, know it would be pleasurable soon. he captured your lips as he began to move, slowly, but enough to drive you crazy. you moaned and pleaded for him to go faster. he obeyed thrusting itno you faster and harder, building the pressure that coiled in your stomach. you moaned and dug your nails into his shoulders, loving the feel of him filling you so completely inside. he moved faster but suddenly drew back, leavingyou feel empty. you whimpered. he rammed into you, hard and fast, repeating the motion, he tried to go deeper. frustrated he graspped your hips, the sound of flesh on flesh arousing you further. you moaned his name loudly, sure that the rest of the village could hear your cries of pleasure. he hit that sweet bundle of nerves, making you white out for a second as waves upon wave of desire and lust shuddered through you.

"Neji, i think i'm going to-" you cried out his name as you came, your juices coating him as your walls drew his own orgasim. he screamed and thrust into you, his rythm faultering from the need to fill you with every ounce of his love. he rode out the last shuttering spasms of your orgy and pulled away before collasping next to you. you looked to and smiled.

"Want to get some ice cream?"

///the end\\\