Saturday, June 5, 2010

Watch Duty, a Grimmjow lemon

Name- Sora Hisui Kuusou
Occupation- Espada number 0
Looks- sky blue hair, always messy because she doesn't like fixing it reddish pink eyes, hollow hole is just above her belly button, her mask cover her right eye
Wears- espada uniform, the shirt stops above her stomach, has white pants and boots
Age- 19
History- was created by Aisen, one of the first, and has grown some human emotional characteristics
Family- the espada
Likes/ Dislikes- loves dumplings, sweets, starry nights, shooting stars, full and cresent moons, having fun and fruits. doesn't like people she likes being unhappy, sour treats, vegitables, bright lights, and girly fru fru crap.
Personality- out going, sarcastic, perverted, a huge knuckle headed smart ass, basically a guy in a girl's body, loves pissing people off and doing things her way, can get very stubborn and lazy when it comes to doing things she doesn't want to do, can be caring in her own weird way when she wants.
Weapon- Reijiraia, looks like an old black kimono umbrella with a cresent moon trinket on top, transforms into a double bladed scythe
Zanpakuto- consists of lightening and dark type moves
Shikai- Odokemono Dansu
Bankai- Kuru Teru Odokemono Sutairu: Mata No Naraku
Signature move- Momo No Aijin


you sighed and stared out at the cresent moon above, it seemed like forever and a half since Grimmjow had left for the human world to fight. though you didn't mind him leaving, it still made you worry about his return, he would be in big trouble.and now they were sending other to go get him. you shook your head, your messy sky blue hair bouncing playfully. suddenly the air seemed to tense while a large split in the sky opened to reveal Grimmjow, bloody, but some how happy stepping through. you stood swiftly and watched as he was escorted to the building. they passed you, momentarily stopping for you to look at his wounds. as you watched them leave, one of the many messengers, a timid one, approached cautiously giving you orders from Aisen to watch Grimmjow. you nodded and waved him away, Grimmjow must have done something rather extreme in the human world to have to be guarded. you yawned, you liked Grimmjow, but that wound looked like it would keep him at the healing sation a while longer, so no need for you to go running to watch the overly aggresive man right now. turning, you headed for your room, deciding that a little dose wouldn't hurt anything.
you groaned as something prodded your arm and swatted it away before turning over to settle back into a nice deep sleep. suddenly a strong pain erupted in your skull as well as several other points in your body. you growled and opened your eyes to find yourself collasped next to the opposing wall from your bed. you looked up to find a rather pissed off and healed Grimmjow. you jumped up and stretched like you hadn't gotten kicked across the room at all before telling him to sit. he grumbled something and sat on the bed while you leaned against the wall, looking at him with a bored expression. he locked eyes with you.

"what are you staring at?"



"because i have to watch you, and doesn't watching mean looking at the object or person?" he grunted and laid back on the bed. your mind flashed a few delightful images before you could have a chance to block such perverted thoughts from your mind. he sighed but remained the way he was.

"how long do you have to stare at me like that before i can leave?"

"until i recieve orders not to." he growled and repositioned himself so that he lay fully on the bed. you rolled your redish pink eyes and sighed, causing him to frown.



"then why did you sigh?" you remained silent, knowing it would annoy him, as it always did when you didn't answer his questions. he rose, slowly stalking over to you, reminding you of a cat hunting a mouse. his blue eyes were detirmined. you looked away and to the door you thought had be open a second before. but no it was closed, the blank plain white door mocking you silently. when you finally returned your attentions to Grimmjow, he was mere inches away from you, a soft insane and michievous grin claiming his lips. startled by the sudden closeness, you moved to jump back, momentarily forgetting the wall behind you. you grunted softly as you made contact and rebounded, straight into Grimmjow's strong cheast. his powerful arms wrapped around you, bringing you close to his body and effectively trapping you. you looked up out of confusion and was met with a look of some new emotion you had yet to see in Grimmjow. you eyes widened as his lips crashed down onto yours. the kiss was rough and electrifying, but in a way burning with some untold force. you closed your eyes as you melted into the kiss, completely over taken. he smirked into the kiss, enjoying the power had over you. his tongue grazed your bottom lip, asking for entrance politly. you teased by refusing, keeping your lips sealed. he growled and broke away, pushing you down onto the soft matress and straddling you. his lips claimed yours once more. his hands caressed and teased any expose flesh while slowly removing your shirt. you broke the kiss and finished what he started, tossing it to the side. he smiled softly before attacking your neck, nipping and sucking, searching even. you moaned, barely louder than a whisper as he bit down on a spot just above your collar bone. he worked that spot until it bled, licking up the blood before continuing lower. you moaned louder as he took your right breast in his mouth, flicking the nipple with his tongue. you moaned again, feeling oddly wet and hot. finally, he moved on, traversing south while toying with the waist line of your pants. you moaned, just softer than normal speaking level as he removed both your pants and panties, grazing your heated core with his finger tips. he chuckled darkly, his hands moving back to your sides. suddenly a pain erupted within you as he entered you.

"when did he take his pants off?" the fleeting thought was swiftly obilterated as he began to ride you hard and rough you moaned loudly, your fingers digging into his shoulder blades as he picked up the pace. his lips captured yours, muffling the moans that forced their way from your thoat. he thrust harder, hitting a spot deep with in you that made you see flashes of white. your back arched from the insane pleasure it cause as he hit it again. a small flame ignited in the pit of your stomach, growing swiftly.

"Grimmjow...*moan*.... i think.... i can't..." you screamed his name as the fire turned into an explosion of ecstasy, your juices flooded him as your walls pulsated around his shaft, his pace became speratic as he thrust his hot seed deep inside. you panted as he did when he pulled away, leaving you feeling slightly empty. you looked at him and smiled.

"i think i should have watch duty more often." he smirked and pulled you close to his body.

"only if you are watching me." he kissed your neck as you slowly began to fall asleep.



  1. that was awesome and and turned me on lol nice work :)

  2. That was amazing. I felt like I was really there. Mostly because the description had fit me so well. This mad my day. Thank you verry much! X}

  3. I love it!!! I love the lemon too this is awsome